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For almost a full year the world has been waiting and hoping, as scientists work to develop a vaccine to combat COVID-19. Now, at last, vaccines are starting to be distributed, but questions remain. When will I get mine? How safe is it? What does it take to efficiently produce and distribute these vaccines to billions? These questions aren’t new. Join us as medical microbiologist and History Center board member Tom Thomson and our Executive Director Carol Summerfield explore the history of vaccines - from some of the earliest treatments 2000 years ago, to Jonas Salk and the Polio pandemic, to today.

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#100YearsAgoToday  The game was afoot at the Deer Path Inn, with the mysterious disappearance of a diamond brooch and a laden purse being explored from all angles by the parties involved.

The victims of the disappearance were guests at the hotel, in town from New York giving a spring style show for the Fifth Avenue shop they represented. According to their account, they had found a diamond brooch at their previous hotel, the Blackstone in Chicago, and were attempting to discover the identity of the owner. This having finally been accomplished, one of the guests, Miss Jarman, went to retrieve it, but she found the brooch missing, along with her purse “containing a watch, $50 in currency, and a number of checks.”

During the course of the investigation, “the furnace was emptied and the ashes sifted,” yielding “burnt bits of the purse; but no diamonds.” “The solution advanced by those interested” was that the purse had been gathered up with other waste paper located in the room, thrown into the waste basket, and then burnt. However, the absence of both diamonds and watch was still suspicious, and a more thorough sifting of all of the Inn’s ashes was on the horizon.

The Deerpath Inn was then located on Deerpath east of McKinley, across from the current site of the Lake Forest Library.

#100YearsAgoToday   Marion Claire Cook of Lake Bluff starred as Rosalind in a production of William Shakespeare’s comedy “As You Like It” put on by National Park Seminary, a girls’ school in Washington, DC. Marion Cook would soon be known to audiences across the country as the renowned operatic soprano Marion Claire.

In 1921 at age 18, though, she was still studying the violin at National Park seminary, having demonstrated a decided talent for the instrument from a very young age (She had played her first concert at Ravinia at age 10). A few short years after this Shakespeare performance, in the 1920s, she would begin taking voice lessons and shift her focus, soon traveling to Italy for further study and training. She had been inspired, she told the Chicago Tribune much later, by opera and film star Geraldine Farrar.

Marion Cook’s mother, Grace Minkler Cook, traveled to Washington to see her daughter’s performance. Mrs. Cook was a pianist and organist; she and her husband Horace Cook lived in Lake Bluff at Center and Simpson (today’s 700 Center Avenue, remodeled significantly from the original).



Maddie Dugan

Sarah Dragemuller Mahler, Maddie Dugan

Julie Brownlee, Kathleen Dewar,

Tod Neely, Cindy Shafer

Bories & Shearron Architecture

Leslie Gleason, Sarah Krier Helfrich, Judy Inglese, Bill Parthun, Jan Larsen Polep

Tod Neely

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Madeleine B Dugan: So you have tested positive and you want to come near me??

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David Macfarlane: Messing with my nap in the hammock was your first mistake. There will not be a second one, will there?

Lynn Todd Paolillo: My Dad asked my Mother after she won the Women's Skeet come you never got a duck? Her reply.......I never aimed at one!!

Jerry Davidson: Go ahead, make my day !!!

Art Larson: Settling the West Terrace!

Erika Eddy: Annie get your gun

Judy Duggan Surkamer: Ok, now do the moonwalk!!!

Chris Duhamel: That sure looks like Annie Oakley.

Joe Peddle: One more step and no more debutants for you.

Patricia Crowe: A real woman can shoot

Bruce Cankar: I think I saw a bunny wabit

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