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We dedicate this award to all of you!

At a virtual ceremony during the The Illinois Association of Museums annual conference last week, the History Center received an Award of Excellence for its Covid Response work.

When the shutdown occurred, our effort to immediately crowdsource content for a digital exhibit, "300 Photos in 30 Days: A Candid Response to Covid 19" set the standard for other Illinois museums and earned high praise at the annual conference.

This initiative would not have been possible without the hundreds of people who participated--namely our e-news readers and social media followers! Thank you for helping us document this extraordinary time in history.

By submitting your photos, journal entries, videos and stories of how the coronavirus was impacting you and our community, in real-time, TOGETHER we have developed a profound archive for future generations to learn from. 

We are so grateful.

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FREE Program: Join us on March 4 @ 7pm to Explore the History of Vaccines

For almost a full year the world has been waiting and hoping, as scientists work to develop a vaccine to combat COVID-19. Now, at last, vaccines are starting to be distributed, but questions remain. When will I get mine? How safe is it? What does it take to efficiently produce and distribute these vaccines to billions? These questions aren’t new. Join us as medical microbiologist and History Center board member Tom Thompson and our Executive Director Carol Summerfield explore the history of vaccines - from some of the earliest treatments 2000 years ago, to Jonas Salk and the Polio pandemic, to today.

Image Source: ScienceMuseum.org.uk



#100YearsAgoToday Work began on the new residence of Grace Farwell Winston McGann and Robert McGann, built on the site of the former Farwell home, Fairlawn, which burned down in 1920.

Noted in the newspaper was the “unusually luxurious garage,” which “will be more attractive than many a fine Lake Forest residence.” The house fronts on Deerpath near the lake and the garage (now a private residence) on Spring Lane.

The McGanns hired New York architects William Adams Delano and Chester Holmes Aldrich, leading designers of estate homes in the east.
Read more about Fairlawn II

#100YearsAgoToday  Israel Parson Rumsey celebrated his 85th birthday with “cards and greetings, calls from friends, and beautiful flowers,” as well as a family gathering full of reminiscences at the Rumsey home at 404 East Deerpath. 

I. P. Rumsey had served in Battery B, 1st Illinois Light Infantry in the Civil War, having been promoted to Captain after noted service at the battle of Vicksburg. He was a passionate advocate for temperance. The Rumseys’ son Henry was the current Lake Forest mayor.

Read more about Captain Rumsey



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Last Week's Favorite:

Ginny Dangremond Houghtaling: The butcher, the baker and...the butterfly catcher!

Madeleine B Dugan: "Do you have any gluten free cakes?" (On the steps of the Bell School?)

Erika Eddy: His Royal highness with his court 

Stephanie Schneider: It’s good to be the king.

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